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Nicotine salts can help more smokers switch to vaping


Vaping nicotine salt e-liquids more closely mimics the experience of smoking a cigarette

Amsterdam. February 7, 2019—A peer-reviewed clinical study[1] published today in a special edition of the prestigious journal Internal and Emergency Medicine suggests vaping nicotine salt e-liquids closely replicates the delivery of nicotine provided by smoking cigarettes.

The research examined 15 healthy adult smokers’ responses to five different blu e-vapour products. Subjects were evaluated consecutively on different days after using a cigarette, and the ensuing rise in nicotine blood levels following use of all the tested e-vapour formulations was cited as ‘satisfying’ in terms of relieving the desire to smoke.

Researchers also monitored for any adverse effects – finding none within the duration of the study. Other significant conclusions from the study included:

  • myblu’s 40mg/mL nicotine salt variant appears to be optimal in terms of most closely replicating the nicotine delivery of a cigarette, which could be a key factor in facilitating permanent smoker switching. However, current EU regulations permits an arbitrary maximum of 20mg/mL in e-vapour products.
  • Exposure to nicotine via all forms of vaping in the trial was considerably lower in comparison with cigarettes. For instance, the exposure to nicotine with myblu’s 16 mg/mL nicotine salt formulation was 63% less nicotine than a cigarette, while exposure with the 40mg/mL variant was 41% less.

“Our clinical findings suggest that e-vapour devices with a higher concentration of nicotine in nicotine salt form may be more effective – and more appealing – to adult smokers switching from cigarettes to vaping,” commented Dr Grant O’Connell, Head of Scientific Affairs at Imperial Brands and the study author.

While there is a growing consensus that vaping is substantially less harmful than smoking, only a minority of smokers have fully switched to vaping. For example, in the UK there are an estimated 7.4 million adults[2] who continue to smoke.

O’Connell said: “While conflicting information in both the scientific press and mainstream media may be deterring many smokers from even trying vaping, both this study and real-world evidence suggests that current e-vapour devices may not be providing smokers with the full satisfaction they derive – and in many cases require – from cigarettes.

“In our study, the myblu Intense 40 mg/mL nicotine salt product had the closest nicotine uptake profile to cigarettes, while also providing the greatest relief in subjects’ desire to smoke. However, under current EU regulations this product is not permitted.

“This potentially limits the effectiveness of vaping as a smoking substitute, especially in the case of heavier smokers – a view shared by the UK Government’s House of Commons Science and Technology committee[3].”

The full study is available to read at:


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[1] ‘A Randomized, Open-label, Cross-over Clinical Study to Evaluate the Pharmacokinetic Profiles of Cigarettes and E-Cigarettes with Nicotine Salt Formulations in US Adult Smokers’


[3] See point 11 in the ‘Conclusions and Recommendations’ section of the recent House of Commons Science and Technology committee report @

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