Vaping Inventor Calls on Hong Kong to Reconsider its Prohibition Proposal

Amsterdam, Netherlands – November 14th 2018 – Fontem Ventures, the business behind blu® e-vapour products, today submitted evidence to the Hong Kong Chief Executive’s office, showing that vaping can make a contribution to tobacco harm reduction and potentially improve health outcomes for Hong Kong’s adult smokers.

“We are asking the Hong Kong government to reconsider their proposal for a blanket ban on vaping, which will impact the lives of current adult vapers, and those smokers who may consider switching to a potentially less harmful product,” said Mr Hon Lik, the inventor of the original e-cigarette and a consultant to Fontem Ventures Research & Development team.

“We understand Hong Kong’s cautious stance on vaping and its concern over the reports of vaping by minors in the US,” he said. “Nevertheless prohibition is likely to be counter-productive, and the evidence from countries including the US and the UK suggests pragmatic regulation of vaping can help accelerate declines in smoking rates among adults.”

In its filing, Fontem said that e-vapour devices should be made legal for purchase by adults in Hong Kong and adult smokers themselves should be empowered to make an informed choice. You can download the evidence filing here.

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James Campbell
Senior Communications Manager
Fontem Ventures BV
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Fontem Ventures BV is the e-vapor business behind blu® e-vapor products.  Headquartered in Amsterdam, Fontem Ventures’ purpose is to drive electronic vaping technology forward, delivering a better alternative to smokers and vapers around the world. Fontem Ventures is a subsidiary of Imperial Brands plc. Fontem Ventures markets electronic vapor liquids that range in strength from zero to 4.6 percent nicotine.

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