Inventor of E-cigarettes Welcomes Public Health England’s Calls for Devices to be Promoted as Harm Reduction Tool

London, 19 August 2015 – Dr. Hon Lik, the Chinese inventor of e-cigarettes and product development expert at Fontem Ventures, owner of the world’s leading e-cigarette brand blu, today welcomed calls from Public Health England to officially promote the use of electronic vaping devices (EVPs) as a way of reducing tobacco related disease.

“Years ago, when I first started looking at prototypes for different nicotine delivery systems, this was what I imagined – that public health experts around the world would recognise their potential to reduce smoking rates and the burden of tobacco related disease,” said Hon Lik. “This is ultimately why I designed the device in the first place, so today is an exciting day for me to see that dream being acknowledged through formal channels.”

The pharmacist now works for Fontem Ventures, where he spearheads research and development projects into next generation electronic nicotine devices.

Marc Michelsen, Director Corporate Affairs at Fontem Ventures said: “It is great to see a leading public health body like Public Health England acknowledging that EVPs are 95% safer than tobacco products. We agree with many of the comments today that EVPs could be a game-changer for public health and hope that Public Health England will work swiftly to ensure smokers can take advantage of the potential offered by EVPs. The UK should be congratulated on setting a great example to other countries.”


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