Fontem Ventures Welcomes Lancet Article On Greater EVP Debate

Fontem Ventures is agrees with the article calling for a more inclusive debate regarding EVPs though calls for a distinction to be made between EVPs and tobacco containing products.

Fontem Ventures welcomes the article in The Lancet calling for a more inclusive debate regarding Electronic Vaping Products.We understand that regulating EVPs is a challenge for the Government because it is a new category.  What is important is that we look at the big picture and assess the overall impact on society; and then create a regulatory framework that works for consumers. One thing is clear however.  Governments needs to create a clear distinction between those products like EVPs that do not contain tobacco on the one hand, and all those traditional or new products that do contain tobacco on the other.  This should be the basis for all regulatory actions. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with regulators to ensure that consumers are given clear signals – in taxation, accessibility and conditions of use.

Click here to read the article in The Lancet.

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