Fontem Ventures Welcomes Cap Announcement On EVP Advertising

Fontem Ventures is delighted with the announcement by the Committee of Advertising Practice that allows electronic cigarettes to be shown on UK TV adverts.

Following an announcement today by the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) that will allow electronic cigarettes to be shown in UK TV adverts from 10 November, Marc Michelsen, Director Communications & Public Affairs, said: “Fontem Ventures welcomes the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) announcement permitting advertisements for Electronic Vaping Products (EVPs). We have always believed that there must be marketing guidelines to ensure that EVP products are not being targeted at children or non-smokers – our own Marketing Standard is already leading in this regard.

“The same thing applies to obviously child-centred flavourings, like bubble-gum. We believe today’s CAP announcement will certainly raise standards of advertising and promotion within the sector in the UK and we hope that these rules could be seen as a model of good practice in other jurisdictions, especially within Europe.”

Fontem Ventures is a leading producer of non-tobacco products aimed at the adult market, with an initial emphasis on the development of the highest quality and most reliable vapours or e-cigarettes.

Based in the Netherlands, in November 2013, Fontem Ventures acquired the core vapour technologies from Dragonite International Limited for $75 million and announced that the co-founder and executive director, Hon Lik, who is widely credited as the inventor of the e-cigarette, was to join the Fontem Ventures’ team.

Puritane is the first e-cigarette brand from Fontem Ventures, and was launched into the UK vapour market in 2014 and is stocked by Boots the Chemist.

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