Fontem Ventures, owner of blu e-vapour brand, statement on recent FDA enforcement actions

Charlotte, NC – April 24th 2018 - Fontem Ventures believes that e-vapour products like myblu™ are for adult smokers. As such, we fully support and advocate for legislation prohibiting sales of vaping products to minors, and also respect the recent FDA enforcement action against retailers selling e-vapour products to minors detailed in today’s FDA statement.

Since 2009 blu has successfully marketed e-vapour products to adult smokers in the US and around the world in a responsible manner. In that time, youth smoking rates and use of combustible tobacco products have declined¹ in the US, in line with trends in adult use. We are cognizant of the recent spate of media reports suggesting a rise in teen use of e-vapour products, referred to in the FDA statement, and appreciate public concern.

We implement a number of youth protection initiatives, including online age-verification mechanisms on, clear product labelling that states “not for sale to minors”, and branding that avoids any association with candy, toys, cartoons or other products popular with youth. In all blu sales and marketing activities, we are very clear that vaping products are an adult-only category.

myblu has been designed for adult smokers seeking an alternative to combustible tobacco products and we welcome the FDA’s acknowledgement that e-cigarettes could provide “a potentially less harmful alternative for currently addicted individual adult smokers”

We will continue to work with regulators in the US and elsewhere to implement best practices in all our commercial activities.

¹Tobacco Use Among Middle and High School Students — United States, 2011–2016

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