Fontem Ventures Joins Calls To Address Public Misunderstandings Around Nicotine

Fontem Ventures, owner of market leading e-cigarette brand blu, today joined calls from the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) and Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) to address public misunderstandings around nicotine and to promote e-cigarettes as a less harmful alternative to tobacco.

“We welcome the RSPH’s latest research and wholly support their calls for immediate action in this area,” said Marc Michelsen, Director Corporate Affairs Fontem Ventures. “It is alarming that 90% of non-smokers and 78% of smokers still believe that nicotine is harmful to health, despite all evidence to the contrary. For too long now, millions of smokers have been on the receiving end of disturbingly inaccurate information about electronic vaping products.”

Electronic Vaping Products (EVPs) do not contain or burn tobacco; they work by heating a simple liquid mixture containing propylene glycol and glycerol into an inhalable vapour. These ingredients have a long history of use in medicinal products[1]. It is widely accepted that nicotine is not the cause of smoking-related diseases; rather it is the toxicants found in cigarette smoke that cause disease. Fontem Ventures uses pharmaceutical grade ingredients in all its products and also offers nicotine-free alternatives.

Dr. Grant O’Connell, Lead Scientist at Fontem Ventures added: “The persisting confusion around nicotine is unhelpful. The important thing is that EVP users are not exposed to the same complex mixture of toxic chemicals that are typically present in smoke from tobacco products. By failing to address misunderstandings around nicotine, we are doing a huge disservice to smokers who may be deterred from switching away from conventional tobacco products. We therefore urge governments to heed the advice of the RSPH and support the use of EVPs as an effective tool to reduce smoking rates and the social and economic burden of tobacco related disease.”

[1] Electronic Medicines Compendium (eMC). Nicorette QuickMist 1mg/spray mouthspray. Last updated October 2013. Available from:

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