With over 13 million vapers worldwide according to 2015 Euromonitor figures Electronic Vapour Products (EVPs) have taken the world by storm, with the United States and the United Kingdom representing the largest markets, followed by France and Italy. Globally, the EVP market is now worth about $6 billion per year in sales – a larger market now than nicotine replacement therapies like gums and patches – and is forecast to surpass $15 billion by 2019.

The growth of vaping has been a truly consumer-led revolution. The staggering growth in sales of EVPs shows they meet a range of social and lifestyle needs. There is also a growing consensus that they may also contribute to significant public health benefits, as supported by an increasingly large number of public health professionals, including Public Health England and Belgium’s Superior Health Council. EVPs are, for the vast majority of users, a new alternative for some or all of the tobacco products they use.

At Fontem we believe that vaping is the future, and we can continue to innovate new products that provide more choice to consumers while also focusing on the quality and safety our customers demand and deserve.