Fontem Ventures' transformative purpose is to go from tobacco to something better through leadership in vaping technology


Fontem Ventures believes that changing consumer lifestyles are creating vast new opportunities for companies who can meet evolving needs. Fontem is dedicated to developing and growing a portfolio of consumable products that meet consumer demands, today and tomorrow.
Fontem's focus is on the e-vapour sector, which is both rapidly growing and maturing as regulators look to frame this new category. Fontem’s primary brand is the blu EVP range, which makes Fontem one of the international leaders in the vaping sector. The blu brand is now expanding into new markets, creating new opportunities.
Fontem has also developed an innovative caffeine product, Reon, which is currently on trial in the UK.
Fontem will continue to investigate exciting, high-growth opportunities in the consumable good space, always working with a sense of responsibility to consumers and society.